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During 2011 Fremont County Fire District Volunteer Fire Fighters responded to 36 structure fires, 88 Wildland fires, and over 90 vehicle fires and accidents.  It is important to remember that many of us live and work in remote areas of Fremont County and it takes extra time to get there!  So when a fire call goes out, it takes time for our Volunteer Fire Fighters to travel from their jobs or homes to the Fire Hall.  Then it takes additional time for the Fire Trucks to travel to the location of the fire.

The more our citizens can do to prevent fires in the first place, the better equipped our communities will be to keep everyone safe!

We are providing links to some valuable information that you can use to keep yourself and others safe from the threat of a fire at home, in school, on campus and in many other circumstances.

The following web sites have a wealth of information about fire safety in the home and in general.  A couple of these web sites deal with creating a safe evacuation plan for you and your family.  Safety in the home includes working smoke alarms that are strategically located.  We also provide a link to information on carbon monoxide safety.

Summer is a time when special safety concerns arise.  From the dangers of backyard grilling to Fireworks on the Fourth of July, check our these safety tips and have a fun but safe summer.

To make sure your family is practicing good safety standards for the winter holidays check out some Thanksgiving and Christmas Safety tips:

Cooking and candle burning are two of the major causes of open flame fires in the home!

The following websites provide information and suggestions on internet safety for children of various ages:

Below is a link to the Fremont County Firewise webpage.  This page has valuable information on Wildland Urban Interface issues and the potential threats inherent with the many forested areas of Fremont County.  There are many basic simple steps that property owners can do to protect their property from the threat of Wildland Fires.

Weather is an important factor in fire safety.  In Fremont County when the conditions are dry, citizens must be extra vigilant in their use of open flames.  It is often necessary to be fully aware of the current and upcoming weather conditions to make the proper decision regarding an open flame.  Please visit the National Weather Service`s website.

Please feel free to check out the rest of our web site and see who the Volunteer Fire Fighters in your community are.  In the photo gallery you can see what they have been doing to keep you and your community safe.

Thank you for visiting the Fremont County Fire Protection District web page.  Please return often!


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